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This casino year’s big talk when it comes to payment methods in 2023 Revolut. If you have not heard of them until now, then it is time to sharpen your mind because this is a brand new player who has taken the whole canadian online casino world by storm. Although Revolut Casino is a unique deposit method that has only existed since 2015, today it has more than 2 million users worldwide. With the help of the new service, you can make quick and smooth payments online, without the need to visit a bank office to open an account. Instead, you run all your banking in one app on your phone – perfect for mobile casino play. The most significant advantages of this payment method are that you get a free VISA card without annual fees and free transfers with unbeatable exchange rates.

The story behind the Revolut

The idea for the new service came a few years ago, one of the founders, Nikolay Storonsky, traveled around the world. During his trip, he spent several hundred pounds on exchange fees and since he had a background in the financial industry, he knew what he needed to find. Therefore, he tried to find a debit card that accepted several currencies, something that banks said was not possible. So, Nikolay had to choose to take matters into his own hands, and in this way, Revolut got its start. In July 2015, their new payment service was launched, and although they have now only been on the market for more than three years, they have more than 3 million users worldwide.

Online casinos with Revolut

Revolut is a deposit method that you can use at any online casino. Since it is a standard VISA card you receive issued, you can conduct purchases and in the same way as you had done with a debit card issued by a traditional bank.

To get started with the service, you first need to download the app to your phone. After that, register an account and to verify yourself, take a picture of your ID document (passport or driver’s license). The verification takes only a few minutes. Once your account is verified, it is free to open a bank account or order a bank card. As soon as you have a bank account registered and your debit card has landed in the mailbox at home, you can start and make deposits at your online casino.

Revolut casinos

How to make a deposit

To make a deposit using this payment method, you go to an online casino that accepts bank cards as a payment method. When you click on to check out, select VISA / Mastercard as the deposit method and follow these steps: Fill in the required amount for your deposit; then you enter the card number, cardholder name, cattle date, and CVC code. The CVC code is located on the back of your debit card and consists of three digits. Then you click on “implement,” and the money is immediately on your game account.

How to make a withdrawal

Making withdrawals with the Revolut casino payment service is not more difficult than making a deposit. Also, many casinos have card details saved in the system, and therefore the process goes in just a few seconds. When you sign in to your account, click on the withdrawals page. Enter the amount you want to pick out from the casino and click Confirm. The money is passed on to their finance department which processes your withdrawal as soon as they can. A card transaction takes from two to five business days.


The only fee you need to consider when playing casino with Revolution’s debit card as a deposit method is the one that comes when you first order your bank card. Getting a VISA card issued costs about six bucks if it’s not entirely free. This is a one-time fee, and after that, the card is completely free. You do not have to pay an annual fee for the card.

What might be worth checking out is if your casino charges any fee on deposits made with debit cards such as VISA or Mastercard. Sometimes it happens that online casinos charge a certain percentage fee on all transactions made. If this is the case, it is stated in their general terms and conditions, but you can also ask customer service about how it works.

Advantages of Revolut Casinos

You do not need to visit a bank office to open an account. Instead, you do it directly on your mobile phone, free of charge and the process takes only a few minutes. You can take care of all your banking matters on your mobile with Revolut’s smooth app that is available for both Android and iOS.

You get a free VISA card without any annual fees or maintenance fees. You also get a clear overview of your transactions and what you spend your money every month.

In the app, you can set up a monthly budget that will allow you to easily limit how much you spend on casino or other everyday purchases.

With this payment solution, you can trade in more than 150 currencies without having to pay any extra fees. It also includes cryptocurrencies, such as, for example, Bitcoin.

Should your debit card be lost, you can quickly and easily block it in the app. If you find your bank card again, you can then unblock it in the same way.

The payment service is available at basically all online casinos, as it is a regular VISA card you make your purchases. You can make withdrawals using Revolut casino payment.

Revolut casino payment

Disadvantages of Revolut Casinos

Withdrawals take two to five business days before they reach your bank account. It would help if you always had your debit card nearby to make a deposit, as long as your online casino does not save your data on the account that is to say.


If you travel a lot, Revolut is clearly the best option for you. When you register an account through their app, you can get a free VISA card that can be used worldwide. You don’t have to pay any high fees for purchases in other countries; conversion fees are with this brand new payment method for casinos a thing of the past. Fortunately, Revolut works in the same way as a debit card issued by a local bank branch, and therefore you do not need to wait for online casinos to accept the method. You can already start using the Revolut to play at an online casino Canada if you want. It remains only to download the app to your smartphone, and you’re up and running!

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