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Online lottery is probably the cheapest way for a Canadian to become multi-millionaires. Moreover, we are not talking about the Canadian lotteries. There is a whole world of online lotteries that are available for Canadians. We are going to go through some of the sites that cater to lottery players but also to those who love playing new online casinos. For a just few bucks, one can, if one is really lucky, become a multi-millionaire by playing online lottery. Are you ready for the win of your dreams? 

The benefits of lotto online

We are not going to lie; there is something special about going down to your local lottery supplier and filling in a lotto ticket yourself. You’ll meet other lottery players and chit chat with the regulars. However, since Canada is such a vast country, sometimes one wants to stay home and not go for a long drive. There are many benefits that lotto online can bring to us that we can not obtain offline, i.e., in real life.

Many online lottery sites have welcome offers like a risk-free play or some lotto casino bonus when registering. You can also subscribe to your unique lotto numbers on any lottery you want to, for as long as you want without having to renew them. On the web, you’ll also often get statistics such as which numbers are hot and pop up the most times.

True, playing lotto online is amazing, and yet we have not even mentioned the absolute very best of playing lotto online. The best thing is that lotto operators online have developed collaborations with the whole world giving us Canadians the opportunity to play, for example, on USA’s biggest lottery where the biggest awarded prize was over 1 billion dollars. A lucky winner in South Carolina USA won 1.6 billion in late October 2018! The win came from the US Mega Millions which is also available for Canadian players. 

Also, playing the lottery online is not more difficult than playing the lottery in real life. We would actually say that playing in real life at the store is the exact opposite, and say that it is easier to play online.

The most challenging thing is the first time when to create an account when you need to fill in the name, Social Security number and some other information. After that, you quickly deposit with a bank transfer, cards or any other payment methods you prefer.

After you have done this, you have an account that is also linked to your payment method, which means that you now only need to select the tickets and numbers you want to buy. You can fill in your individual lucky numbers or just select random numbers with the touch of a button. 

If you like playing on the same numbers no matter on what online lottery you play on, you can also choose to subscribe on your numbers. This way the lotto operator will charge you the same amount before every draw and that you are involved in playing every single time or the times you choose with the same lotto numbers.

Different kinds of lottery online

As we mentioned above, lotto online operators cooperate across national borders. This allows you to win crazy amounts if you are lucky enough to win big on such a lotto ticket.

It goes without saying that you win a lot more money if you win on an online lottery where many countries participate and put money in the pot than if it is only Canadian players who put money in the jackpot.

Another thing that is fun with all these different lotteries is that you can play on several of them every week. If you do, you have different draws to look forward to different days a week, which of course gives the week some extra entertainment.

Choosing the right lottery numbers

Many of us have lucky numbers that we gladly use when it’s time for this type of gambling online. The most number combinations for most of us has to do with the family, such as wedding anniversaries, the date of birth of children or the like. Using lucky numbers makes it feel less random if you win, which many prefer. Others find it much more fun to always let chance and randomized numbers decide. You know what kind of method that suits you best.

There are many thoughts and ideas about lucky numbers. If you enjoy reading your horoscope or have any other magical way of finding out beforehand if you might be the winner, go with your gut feeling. However, remember that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than winning the lottery. However, people do win! So, people who say that it’s impossible to win are wrong. However, it is not a smooth ride that is for sure. Playing the lottery online is more about winning millions of dollars, it is also about the thrill and excitement of joining the raffle. 

Numerology – sure, let’s give it a shot!

online lottery winnings

Numerology, the doctrine of the importance of numbers, is something that may apply when playing lottery online. Here, for example, you can see which numbers your name creates plus find out their meaning and then “figure out” what lucky numbers you might have.

Many also use statistics to find out which numbers have won the most times. This is an exciting method, as it is actually clear evidence. You can quickly check the statistics how it correlates to which numbers have won the most and the least times.

Make a budget for your lottery adventure

As with any other online casino games (and in general), it is essential to make up a budget. With a budget, you can have fun with gambling without feeling that you play for more than you can afford. In this way, you only get funny moments when playing, which is precisely the way it should be!

It is not difficult to create a budget for gambling. It may sound a little boring, but you have a lot to gain from it. No one want’s to lose too much money gambling online, and for some gambling can become a problem. However, if you do a budget and learn to follow it with discipline, you have higher chances of actually making a profit from your gambling. Winnings are the bonus of the game one can say. If playing online lottery was only about winning money, it will quickly become anything but fun. If you notice that you play more for the possibility for a win than to have fun for a while, it’s merely time to rethink.

Online Lottery sites we recommend

Multilotto has been a part of the online lottery world since 2012. The lottery ticket service lives up to its name by giving players access to multiple lotteries around the world from the comfort of their homes. More recently, Multilotto has also opened online casino. So they have everything a gambler needs and loves so to speak. The casino site is owned and operated by Multi Pay N.V, a gaming company headquartered in Curaçao. It is available in over 15 different languages and 12 different currencies, so Multilotto is a multinational website. They offer among others, Powerball US, Super Ena lotto, Mega Millions US, Megamillions Europe and many more exciting lotteries online. On Multilotto you can play lotto online wherever you might find yourself, provided that you have a stable internet connection. The website works nicely on smartphone and tablets. There is even a Multilotto app that you can download from Android or Appstore.


correct lotto numbers

The Lotter

The Lotter has been a part of the online lotto scene since 2002 and was the first gaming company to offer lotteries from all over the world in one place. Fast forward 15 years, and the company still counts as the world’s leading lottery service online. During this time, the Lotto broker has paid out over 75 million to its players.

Most national lotteries allow only the country’s own residents to participate. For example, a Canadian can’t play on The United Kingdom’s national lottery if you are an English resident. TheLotter acts as an intermediary that allows Canadian players to participate in different countries lottery draws.

The company has over twenty local offices spread out in different countries, and their employees go and buy the tickets from local retailers according to your wishes, which they then upload to your account. The business goes around by having a little higher lottery prices than the local stores.

All in all, you can get everything you want by joining The Lotter. They offer 51 different lotteries for you to choose from. 

Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 is by far the most famous Canadian lottery, and it has contributed to many lucky millionaires in their lifetime. A ticket costs $3, and you don’t have to pay any taxes on any profits, which is a big advantage over some other lotteries. The lottery starts at $ 5 million (CAD) for the jackpot, but it can reach significantly higher amounts than that. The biggest prize awarded by the Lotto 649 so far, was C$63 million. We wouldn’t be an actual Canadian site if we did not mention this much-loved lottery which we are sure you have heard of before.

How online lottery 649 works

Each game costs $3 and includes a range of numbers between 1 and 49 for the game’s jackpot draw, as well as ten numbers for the guaranteed prize draw of $1 million. Six numbers and one bonus number are drawn in the regular draw of Lotto 6/49. To win, you must match the numbers on your ticket with the numbers drawn. To appoint the winner to the guaranteed prize draw, ten digits are drawn. Thus, for you to win the guaranteed prize draw, you must match these ten numbers exactly. 

Lotteries available at the sites as mentioned above


Surely the idea of winning the most significant win ever at an online lottery has crossed us all at some point or another. To become financially independent and relax, or why not travel around the globe and explore is something that interests the most humans. Wouldn’t it be fantastic not to worry about the cost of everything and be able to give away large amounts of money for charity? These are dreams that can come true if you try your luck on the American Powerball.

The reason Powerball is so popular in the US is mainly the soaring jackpots. Since Powerball has no cap for the jackpot, the jackpot prize can sometimes reach crazy amounts. Those who are lucky enough to win the jackpot usually wins eight figures or a lot more. 


Eurojackpot is an online lottery that a total of 16 countries in Europe take part in where you have a draw every Friday at 20.00 (EST). The lottery launched in 2012, and its record payment since then is €61 million. It might not be even close to the highest jackpot ever, but, €61 million in winnings is probably enough for most people.

lottoland canada


EuroMillions lottery is a game that was released in 2004, which today counts as Europe’s biggest lottery game. Its record jackpot is €190 million, but in addition to the biggest jackpot, it is also known to have created the most millionaires around Europe. The lottery draws for EuroMillions is every Tuesday and Friday at 21.00 (EST). To play you pick five numbers between one and fifty and two lucky star numbers. The ticket costs only €3. 

MegaMillions US

The American lottery Mega Millions has repeatedly beaten records when it comes to big jackpots, most recently on October 23, where a lucky winner, as before mentioned, in South Carolina won 1,6 billion dollars. If the winner chose to get the full payout directly, and not choose payments via installments during to course of 29 years, he/she would get $913 million directly into their bank account. Canadians however, would not need to pay taxes since the Canadian Government do not see gambling as a form of employment and do not think it’s fair to tax lucky gamblers. We do love our country.

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