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Oh, hey there friend! We are glad that you want to know more about us and what we do. You might have seen that I, Aleister, am the only one writing posts, but we are a whole team working here together at CasinoBullet©. We love playing casinos online, but in Canada, not all online casinos are available for us. But, when you come across one of those casinos, they most likely have a notice saying that they don’t accept players from our great nation. Well, lucky for us, many other European operators, and operators with licenses from Curaçao are open to us. 

Who are we?

We are a gang of Canadian gamblers that decided to create a guide for all you other Canadian players out there. We have all played at different casinos for many years. Sometimes we got fortunate, and sometimes not at all. But, that’s the way of the game. Gambling is meant to be pure entertainment, and we are aware of this. Just be sure that you are too! 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most prominent guide to Canadian casinos online. We make sure that all casinos that are listed at us have licenses, are earnest and not blacklisted. Should we find out that one of our casinos that are on our list are not doing a good job, they go out head first! 

Team CasinoBullet

What we can help you with

We help you find reliable casinos to play at and enjoy.

We have big bonus lists so that you easily can find one that suits your bankroll and gambling type.

Do you need info on what kind of payment methods are the best for depositing and withdrawals? Look no further; we give you all the best tips to help you find a banking method that makes it easy to enjoy a spin or two. 

We can also help you find casinos with fast withdrawals times. It can basically suck to wait five working days to get your winning money deposited to your bank account

We also provide you with casino reviews, game guides, slot machines guides and other tips and tricks that might help you become a winner online!

Why should you trust our casino reviews?

Online one should be careful since there are a lot of scammers. We do everything we can to provide new and old players with relevant and updated information about online casinos in Canada. As before mentioned we have substantial experience from online casino gambling and now as affiliates. We talk to every online casino that we list on our site to be sure they are the real deal. And we do thorough reviews that gives you all the information that you need to know.


We do not take any responsibility for any loses you might get from playing at an online casino that we have recommended. However, if you feel that gambling has a negative impact on you or your environment, you might have a gambling problem, and then it is crucial that you contact a support line instead. You can locate different support lines in the bottom on every page on our site. Online casinos are business that focuses solely on making a profit. So in the end, the house always wins. Unless you hit the jackpot. Then you can crack open a bottle of champagne a cheer!

CasinoBullet – The Team

Anton Veil 

Anton became a pro gambler in 2012. He is also the Chief Editor here at CasinoBullet. While he makes most of his money playing poker, he also loves to play slot machines. He likes to play at new Canadian casinos, and is not afraid to bet big.

Simone Marshall 

Simone is an expert in game design and graphics. When she is not writing for CasinoBullet, she is a true gamer and loves to play anything from casino games to Battlefield. 

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