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PayPal is known as the most widely used money transfer method in the world, and the company has a well-deserved excellent reputation. If you see yourself as a smart online shopper who likes to trade various kinds of products available online thanks to today’s high-tech solutions, then you are most likely familiar with the company’s fast and hassle-free payment method. However, it has probably passed you by that this well-known payment method is used just as much in the digital casino industry, both to deposit money and to withdraw winnings. Online Casino Paypal is a great way to have fun. Read the full review to learn more.

Canadian casinos that accept Paypal

The number of Canadian casinos that accept PayPal as a payment method is substantial. However, if you think that the search for a severe PayPal Online Casino takes too much time, we can delight you with our team of experts has evaluated the sample and produced a shorter list of casinos where each has been tested and reviewed. Click on a casino in the list for a Canadian online casino Paypal and find the gambling site that suits you best.

If you are a player with an IP address from the United States or Canada you should remember that you cannot withdraw your casino winnings to a PayPal account and then transfer the money to a regular bank account in the United States or Canada. This problem originates from the UIGEA, “Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act.”

PayPal is a safe & secure e-wallet

The fact that 8 million people worldwide choose to use PayPal as a payment method when playing games at online casinos is a confirmation of the excellent reputation that the company has built up over the years. The company’s well-tested service is perhaps the best reason to choose to play at one of the many PayPal casinos available, as the Paypal e-wallet allows for both quick and secure payments. If you are unsure of the term e-wallet, let’s explain it to you. The innovation of e-wallets is the result of an increasing number of people wanting to manage their shopping online, and the e-wallets make it possible to lock in all credit card details and information about bank accounts safely and securely online.

PayPal Casino Deposit

Making deposits into your PayPal account is easy, and it only takes a few minutes. The first step you need to take to use your PayPal account when playing online is to deposit to your PayPal account. If you don’t already have an account, start by creating one through the company’s website, which is an easy and fast process. Once you have registered at one of the Canadian casinos that accept PayPal you can find in Casino Bullets list, you need to choose PayPal as a payment method when logged to the casino’s website. To deposit to your gambling site of choice, you only need to transfer money from the PayPal account, and you’re done.

Canadian online casinos that accept paypal

Withdrawals at PayPal casinos

Withdrawing your winnings with PayPal is neither difficult nor complicated. It is as smooth as withdrawals to regular bank accounts. All you have to do is visit the withdrawal page of your casino and click on a few buttons. At the casino’s withdrawal page (which usually goes under the name of “Deposits and Withdrawals” or similar), select PayPal as a payment method, enter your PayPal details and the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the information with a simple push of a button.

How long does it take for the company to manage transactions?

Once you have chosen a Canadian casino that accepts PayPal and made a deposit, you will notice that the money that you have chosen to transfer becomes available at the casino almost immediately. This allows you to start playing more or less immediately after the deposit.

Paypal mobile casino

Customer Service

Despite the company’s global scale and large size, PayPal has a driven customer service team that takes the time to help its customers regardless of the type of problem they have encountered. If you feel that something has gone wrong with your transaction when you use one of the Canadian casinos that accept PayPal in our listings, you need not to panic, contact Paypal high-quality customer service and they will assist you to the right one.

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