Live Casino with live games is one of the hottest trends on Canadian online casinos today. You play against real dealers online, and also with other players. When you play a game like Blackjack, you see the dealer, a real person, over video, and the croupier talks to you just as if you were sitting at the Blackjack table. Next to you at the table are other players (online, they don’t stand next to the table) who cheer for you, because everyone plays against the house, everyone wins if the dealer gets thick, for example.

In this article, we will tell you all about live casino games, casinos that offer live casino and many other exciting things.

Live Casino Games

The most popular games when it comes to live casino are Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat – and these three we find on all online casinos that offer live casino, but there are also additional games at the various players such as special versions of the above, but also games such as Casino Holdem and Three Card Poker.

All the table games that you love from physical casinos in Las Vegas and Monaco are of course represented at the casinos that we have chosen to recommend for those who are hungry for live casino online. Below is a list of great live casinos:

Popular live casino games

The most popular software provider for live casinos right now is Evolution Gaming, and they really have a prominent and an excellent platform for these type of games. They have a fully fletched casino with professional dealers, and everything is filmed in real time in HD. Many more software providers create games for live casino, and their games just keep getting better and better and more realistic.

The feeling of these games is as close as you can get to sitting on one of the gaming tables on the Strip in Las Vegas. All dealers are professional and polite and like to have conversations going with their players.

When you press the double button in blackjack or wait for the ball to land in the right slot in Roulette, you can feel your pulse raising, and the feeling in the body is just the same as if experienced at a real casino. 

How does live casino work?

In connection with casinos taking the step out into cyberspace, the gambling industry gained great success, but at the same time lost some of its authenticity. To sit and chat with other players or with the dealer, to be able to wander around in the casino’s premises until you find the game you want to play, to soak up the atmosphere, was an at least as an important factor for some players, which also led to the type of player not always appreciated the new casino experience. With the entry of live casino into the online casino market, this has changed. In a live casino, you play in the same way as in any other mobile online casino, with the essential difference that on the other side of the screen there is a real living person and not a pre-programmed computer whose sole task is to follow algorithm rules and calculate odds. At a live casino, you will thus play against a real dealer. The game is live streamed via webcam, and you can chat with the dealer and other players. It will be a bit like having a very own avatar wandering around a landbased casino. When you see something you like, just ask your avatar to settle down at the appropriate table and, through your instructions, start playing. 

live casino

Mimics reality

The very thing about the games that fall under the concept of live casino games is that they should mimic the reality and feeling of sitting at a game table at a casino as much as possible. The rules are the same as in real life, and you bet or make your gestures through easy-to-understand buttons and sliders.

To play on any of the live casino games, you register at an online casino, just, as usual, deposit money and then click on the menu of Live Casino or Live Games and then you get to choose the type of game you want to play, and then you just hope for the win. If something is unclear, then there is always a FAQ-page and guides to help you find your way.

The technology is still new and needs to be developed before the experience should really feel like the first-hand experience. If you want to chat or talk to the dealer, you need a quick internet connection, so as not to slow down the live casino game. But the fact remains, that games at live casino really provide a more authentic experience of casino games. If you are unsure about Game rules or have questions about bet limits, you can quickly and easily ask the person on the other side of the screen.

Seeking a real casino can be both time-consuming and stressful, as Canadian casinos today are mainly located in the big cities. It is often a messy and disordered environment on the casino floor, and the opportunity to get the same experience from your living room is attracting more and more players to live casinos every week. 

Gambling at land-based casinos comes with something of a subculture. You are expected to behave in a certain way, dress in a certain way. You are supposed to drink alcohol and tip the serving staff. By playing from home, you can avoid these social codes and instead focus on your game. You don’t have to listen to slurring students and bitter casino fools. You don’t have to sit through long speeches from fellow players concerning the best strategies to defeat the house, and no one will look down on you when you dare to take that last card and lose when the dealer beats you with 19 on hand. Playing live casino equals freedom, to do and choose what thy wilt.

Live Blackjack

Playing Blackjack at a live online casino is slightly different from a regular, physical experience. Some rule changes (such as shuffling the deck after each hand) allow the experienced blackjack player to feel a little lost. When you play live blackjack, it’s like you’re in place at the casino. It’s precisely the same game you’re used to from the tavern, the same game that Rain Man earns his money on from counting cards. You can chat with the dealer, talk to other players and that cold feeling that usually hangs with games online, is completely gone. 

live blackjack

Playing live blackjack feels just like sitting at a real Blackjack table. Here you should ideally get the number 21, but not more – because then you will get thick and lose. In Blackjack, you always play against the house, in this case, the dealer opposite you – who you watch live over video and who speaks with you and use your username. Everything happens in real time, and the tension is exciting. If you get an ace and a face card, or a ten, you get Blackjack, and the win is yours. As the name suggests, the game takes place live with a dealer in front of you over video link anywhere in the world. This dealer controls your blackjack game and of course, also communicates with you and the other players around the table. 

Live Roulette

The casino game roulette is another popular form of live games. Here the feeling of being at a real casino becomes even more natural, and live roulette is a big step forward compared to conventional video-roulette. It is easy to feel cheated when playing roulette online. The bullet may land on black, ten times in a row and when you only see the result in computer-generated graphics, it is easy to get suspicious. But, by watching a real physical ball spin around in a real physical wheel, live, operated by a real dealer, the feeling that your chances of winning are not the same in online games as in casino games, disappears. 

genesis live casino

In Live Roulette, you can almost feel when the ball spins around in the big container to find its place – and maybe just the number you bet on. You can also often choose which angle you want to watch the game from, and the betting is more comfortable than in a real casino. A live casino Canada you just have to choose a selection of chips and then point the mouse to where they should be placed – and what you want to bet on for the number or winning combination. Live Roulette is available at all online casinos that offer Live Casino, and it’s a tickling gaming experience when you can see what everyone else around the table is betting on.

Roulette in this form is one of the most exciting – and as close to a real casino feeling you can come. Here, the dealer (which you see over video chat in real time) communicates with you and the other players just like in a regular casino that’s built with brick and mortar. 

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is another of the most popular games in a live casino. In Baccarat you can bet on three different options – that the bank should win, that you should win or that there will be a draw. More decks of cards are also used here than in other games, 6 to 8 decks. Baccarat is an incredibly exciting card game that gets even more exciting when you play it live at an online casino.

Live Three Card Poker

Live Three Card Poker, or three card poker is one of the most legendary card games available. Now you have the opportunity to play it live against a real dealer in the comfort of your own home – in front of your computer or on your mobile phone. Perfect for when a commercial comes on the TV.

Live Casino HoldEm

In Live Casino Holdem, you get two cards on your hand, and the cards on the table are both for you and the dealer, and for other players at the table. Here it is the exciting and decisive decision that applies, and if you have played Texas Hold’em with your friends at some point, you already know what it is all about.

Evolution Gaming – a small introduction

In 2003, the first online casino was launched with live dealers, and 3 years later Evolution Gaming was founded. The company is today seen as a leader in the industry and is well advanced in development, especially regarding games for mobile devices. Evolution Gaming has taken Live Casino one step further than its competitors. The goal is to create as an immersive gaming experience as possible, and the company instructs their dealers to behave just as they would do if the were to work in a conventional casino.

Dealers shall always be at the table and communicate clearly to get all the players to feel comfortable.

The dealer should act as a host, in the same way as casino hosts work in reality. This generates strong relationships with returning regular customers.

Developers, project managers, and customer service should always be open and responsive to questions, concerns, and suggestions for new and more effective ways to deliver Strategic planners and product specialists should be open to development and new opportunities for the business. All in all, Evolution gaming is working hard to improve your experience in any way possible.

An exciting future for Live Casino

It is in the form of a live casino you’ll find the most significant potential for technological development. Through new virtual reality technology (VR), players in the future can enjoy a gaming experience out of the ordinary. Imagine that you can stroll around among Monte Carlos palm-lined beach walks or wander down the legendary Las Vegas Strip and choose from different digital casinos. Perhaps you would like to sit down at a poker table at the top of Mount Everest, or in the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. Maybe you want to explore the game selection on third decks on the Titanic or bet on another card in a futuristic city somewhere in the future?

online casino craps

Live casino is still a significant trend in online gambling. Game developers and companies seem to check the pulse of the industry regularly, and they try always to be one step ahead in development to snag customers in an ever-increasing competition. The gaming market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world right now, with an annual turnover of billions of dollars. The money is there, the innovation power as well. What remains to see, is only what the future has to offer.

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