Casino bonus Canada – The Ultimate Guide

Casino bonus Canada can be found at all Canadian casinos. This makes you get a lot of extra money to play for which makes you get more chances to win. Some Canadian casinos hand out casino bonus Canada directly upon registration while others give you bonuses the first time you make a deposit. At many online casinos, you can also take advantage of the special free spins offers which means you get free spins on selected slot machines. Reload bonuses are also available at many Canadian casinos. You can read more about the different offers further down on this page.

Casino bonuses Canada – Know your bonus offer

There are several different types of casino bonus Canada, and which one suits you best, you can only answer that. Something you should always think about regardless of which casino bonus Canada you choose, is that these are linked to specific requirements and conditions. Some casinos have better wager requirements than others, and the requirements may differ quite a lot. Therefore, at CasinoBullet we recommend you always to check out the Terms & Conditions that are linked to the casino bonus Canada, whether it is free spins or a regular deposit bonus. Below, we summarize the different casino bonus Canada offers so that you get a clear picture of how these offers work before it is time for you to choose an online Canadian casino based on its offers.

Deposit bonus at online casinos Canada

An online deposit casino bonus is an offer that you get the first time you deposit money into a casino. This type of bonus can also go under the name deposit bonus. A deposit bonus is usually based on the amount you collect. You then get a certain percentage of the amount matched which makes you get a lot more money to play for than your initial deposit. A regular deposit bonus usually gives you a 100% match, which means you get your deposit amount doubled. When you make use of this type of Casino bonus Canada, you usually have to play through som wager requirements to be able to withdraw your winnings. All information about wagering requirements can be found in the T&C’s on the website of each casino.

How to choose the right bonus offer

When choosing a casino bonus Canada, it may be useful to both reviews how many percents the bonus is on but also how much you can get out of it in total. Some casino bonuses are at an incredible 400%, but then they often have a lower limit on how much extra money you can get. Thus, a preferable offer has both a high match percentage and upper limit. Genesis Casino, as an example, offers you C$1000 in bonus money. Pretty good right? It is becoming common for casinos to offer new players several bonuses, this allows you to be rewarded on up to four deposits. The casino bonus Canada usually look a little different depending on which set up the casino has. However, among the casinos that are represented at CasinoBullet there are those who have bonus packages with full five bonuses with a combined value of C$2000 or more!

Casino bonus canada

Reload Bonus – Stay loyal, get rewarded

A reload bonus is something an online casino can hand out several times. For example, casinos use this type of casino bonus Canada as a reward to loyal players. A reload bonus is also based on your deposit amount but is not as big as a deposit bonus. Usually, you can get 50% of your deposit, for example, up to a certain amount. Some casinos systematically give out reload bonuses to their customers while others do it more sporadically. You usually get notified about these bonuses via either mail or through information on the game site. However, you can even get the bonus as a happy surprise when you one day log in and will make your deposit. As a rule, you are usually able to choose for yourself whether you want to partake in an offer or not. Some players prefer not to take part in bonuses to avoid having to think about wagering requirements.

Bonus Codes

One way to get players attention on casino bonus Canada offers and promotions is to lay out bonus codes on different pages that are frequented by many casino players. It is usually about accessing a code that you then have a certain number of days to use. You fill in the code on the casino’s bonuses page. Offers you get in this way can actually be far more favorable than the casino’s regular offers. However, it should be said that offers in the form of codes were a little more common in the past. Now, you will often find all the information you need about current offers and promotions directly on the casino’s website. However, we like codes and will continue writing about them here on the page when we have something to tell.

There are bonus codes that are general and apply to all players but also targeted codes that only apply to us who play on mobile devices. For casinos that run lots of parallel promotions, bonus codes are often part of the casinos marketing department; it’s a way to keep track of where you got your players from, just put. A bonus code can be applied in principle to anything. You can find a casino bonus code without deposit that gives you free spins. A code can also be a unique reward to high rollers who received the code via personal contact from someone in the casino staff. The alternative to bonus codes is to present the bonus in a clickable window, then you come directly to the current offer and do not have to take the trouble to fill out a code. One advantage of this is that you do not risk filling out a code that is no longer up to date.

Free cash bonus and top up bonuses

In addition, to reload bonuses, there is also “free cash” or “top-up bonus.” This phenomenon may reflect the fact that the casino distributes a fixed sum if you deposit a certain amount during the day. For example, you may be offered C$10 if you deposit C$30 or more. Offers such as these usually arrive via an email about the offer from the casino you are registered at. There are also casinos Canada that hand out “free cash,” and then you do not have to make any deposit to get the money. In some Canadian casinos, this money is also wager-free, which is of course super nice.

No deposit bonus – Sometimes to good to be true

There are also a few casinos that still offer free bonuses to new players. This phenomenon was much more common in the past, but as many players abused these bonuses, these have more and more been removed. A no deposit bonus is thus a casino bonus that you get completely free. Therefore, you do not risk losing any own money. Nevertheless, you get a chance to try out the casino and all the different games at the same time as you have a chance to win. 

Hefty wagering requirements

We do not recommend these kinds of bonuses because they usually come with staggering wager requirements. Sometimes as high as 60x your winnings. The advantage of a free bonus against free spins is that you are not tied to a specific game. Instead, you get the opportunity to try out a wide range of slots and table games to finally determine whether the casino is something for you or not.

casino bonus no deposit

Casino Cashback

Cashback is another slightly more different type of casino bonus Canada. The big difference with this type of bonus and a regular casino bonus is that cashback and top-up are based on activity in the casino instead of the sum of what you deposit. Thus, in one way or another, you must be active in the casino in order to receive this reward. If we start with cashback then this is a bonus based on what you have lost while playing. If a betting company offers you 10% cashback for a certain period of time, this means that you will get 10% back on your losses. A little consolation, therefore, if you have had terrible luck in the games, you have played during the period. Cashback can both count as pure money and as bonus money. What applies to the particular gaming company you played with can be read in the general terms and conditions. It is understandable to prefer to play at those casinos whose cashback is completely turnover-free.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Most Canadian casinos have a greater focus on their mobile casinos, and there is more than one pair offering both new and existing players the opportunity to take advantage of bonuses for mobile games. What it’s usually about is that you get an extra bonus when you make your first deposit in the mobile casino. It is not that your bonus can be used only for games on your phone or tablet. You simply get a casino bonus Canada to try and see how the mobile casino works.

Offers – What to think about

When you choose a Casino bonus Canada it is not just the percentage, maximum limit and so on you should look at. It is equally important that you look at the conditions. Above all, it is central that you know what the gaming requirements look like. Unfortunately, there are only very few deposit bonuses without wagering requirements. Please examine the wagering requirement regarding casino bonus Canada, the validity period and any exceptions before you deposit cash and start playing.

In this context, we can mention that it may not always be optimal to play casino with a deposit bonus. The exception given is in the case where you want the freedom to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your account whenever you want. If you take part in a casino bonus Canada, you will always be limited to some extent. That’s the price you pay to get more to play on when you deposit. To waive a bonus, you usually need to contact customer service at the casino in question before making a deposit. Otherwise, the bonus will be credited automatically.

High roller bonuses – for the Whales

A High roller bonus for big players or so-called ”whales,” the casino bonuses offered to the big player collective are usually not very interesting. It may well be that, for example, a deposit bonus that gives an extra few grand and sometimes actually falls short of what a high roller bets typically on a single game round. Fortunately for all high roller, there are online casinos that have offers tailored to players who are not afraid to put more massive bets on , let’s say, roulette, as an example.


Gambling at online casinos is a market that is growing fast, and that means that casinos are competing for players. Often through juicy casino bonuses Canada. You who play a lot on mobile can both choose from all the usual offers that a casino runs with but also look for specific bonuses for mobile. It is imperative to read the bonus terms properly and make an assessment of how favorable they really are. Be careful with high wagering requirements but feel free to hit directly if you find a deposit free bonus or a big bonus completely without wagering requirements. You can often find bonuses and current promotions by clicking on a specific title on the casino’s website. However, some gaming companies run with bonus codes that can also be found elsewhere than on their website.

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