New online casino

New online casinos are popping up left to right. For players in Canada, this is extra exciting, because not every new casino online is available for us. However, more and more operators open up their gambling sites to us, since they recognize that we really enjoy a spin or two. A new online casino is added to our list almost every day.

We update our list frequently with the latest information about new casinos, their exclusive bonuses, and different reviews. Playing on a new mobile online casino is perfect for those who want to go on a new gaming adventure. With new technology, better graphics, sound effects, and improved customer service, 2020 will be be a superb year for the industry.

New online casino 2023

We love when a new online casino is launched, and 2023 is a year that has been filled with many exciting launches. We are constantly waiting to hear about new casinos online so we can write clear reviews and give ratings for each new online casino. With years of experience in the business, we know what it takes to impress Canadian players. A welcoming trend is that many new online casinos have become much better at offering fast withdrawals. Faster withdrawals is something that we all have waited for.

New online casinos 2023

Yes, we know it’s crazy! 2022 was awesome! However, for us casino lovers this means more great casinos. We can’t say much about new online casino 2023, but we can say that you should feel excited. Why? Well, 2022 gave us some of the best online casinos we have seen in a long time. Gamification became prominent, and the new online casinos listened more to what players wanted, and what trends were booming.

We have been keeping our eyes on new online casino 2023. We have seen several cool new online casino launched in recent years, among other things, Untold Casino has just seen the light of day, and the year 2023 seems to have many more casino surprises in its sleeve. A cool new online casino is Duelz that really committed to gamification. We highly recommend this new online casino.

Best new online casino – How to know

Canada is a country that is the new forefront of the casino industry, and to the player’s advantage there were many great new online casinos. If you are looking for a best new online casino, then a tip is to check out their bonus. Many new online casino often celebrates their launch with an exclusive bonus. For you to easily see what is unique with each bonus, check out our casino list and compare. We receive ongoing fresh news about upcoming launches.

Why are so many new online casino started?

We Canadians just love to play casino games online! Many new casino also focuses on different things that attract different audiences. Some casinos are also targeted or primarily built to attract different markets and countries.

New casino online – new themes and good times

The most exciting new online casino have some kind of niche. As mentioned earlier, this is for finding the right niche for different audiences, but also for everything to be much more fun. The most famous niche from before may probably be the exclusive, sophisticated casino style with the red carpet, champagne and caviar. But, times change and so do we. Casino Bullet has found lots of new online casino that have cool and exciting themes. For those of you who like that little extra instead of a ”regular” casino, we can recommend Genesis Casino.

Who starts new online casinos?

Starting a casino is not easy. It requires a lot of knowledge and much experience. Most often it is already established casinos that test a new niche or a new awesome theme, but there are also many entrepreneurs who have been working in the gaming industry for years who decide to start their online casino.

A trend we noted among popular new casinos, is that many existing casinos are launching new casinos with different name and theme. For example, Rizk and Kaboo, are controlled by the same system and company, namely the Norwegian company GIG. There is no downside for us who play, but every new online casino offers unique welcome bonus and themes. Actually, this is perfect for those of us who love to play new online casinos!

Recently, also, GIG has launched a brand new casino, namely Highroller. With all the experience and knowledge that they have, there’s a lot that speaks for new Highroller to be really grand. Highroller has a gamification theme, and as a new player, you move into Metrotown. A cool environment was you play around and earn Metro Coins while playing.

New Duelz Casino canada

Greatest bonuses right now

As more new online casino is launched, competition also thickens. Both among new and older casinos. The advantage for us players is that the welcome packages will be better and better. Here we list the Canadian casinos that have pushed out the very biggest bonuses for us who love to play big.

Advantages of new online casinos

What are the advantages of starting a new online casino? Several, actually! Many casinos startup in a proper let’s do this right spirit, and of course try to compete out their competitors by offering better offers, faster withdrawals and moreover a better casino experience. Testing a new online casino also means getting a decent and beneficial welcome bonus.

So when you look at new casinos online in general, the benefits are many. When we review casinos, we do it in depth, and we have found patterns that many new online casino seems to follow.

new casino canada

New online casinos give generous bonuses. A new online casino can be good, but it doesn’t matter if nobody plays or even knows the casino. New casinos must, therefore, attract their players with generous welcome bonuses for you as a player to get a foot through the door. Looking for new casinos, you can always expect a nice welcome bonus to maximize your chances of winning. So, when talking about casino bonuses, do not forget that 90% of the time is about the welcome bonus, that is, a bonus you receive when registering as a new player. Once you’ve designated as a new player, you won’t be able to take part in the same casino’s new welcome packages. However, there are of course good bonuses to pick up as an existing player at a casino, but may not always be as good as the welcome bonus. Therefore, it is extra fun when a new online casino opens its doors; then everyone gets the opportunity to register and take part in the welcome bonus. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 or 12 accounts at other casinos, everyone gets to start all over again when a new online casino is launched.

New casinos that care

The difference in quality and experience can vary incredibly between older and new online casinos. Something that goes without saying When you think about it is that the smaller casinos will always care more about you as a play. The largest and oldest casinos often have so many customers that you quickly become “forgotten” or just a “face in the crowd”. New casinos are usually incredibly hungry and do everything to ensure that every customer is satisfied.

On top of that, a little more original and smaller casino always has a more personal feeling. It’s basically like comparing homemade burgers with McDonald’s. Now that there are so many different new casinos to choose from, it is essential that you as a new player easily get hold of customer service and get right answers to your questions; otherwise, you should leave the casinos and start playing elsewhere. The range of casinos is vast today, and if you do not enjoy a casino you are playing at, you change. That’s what new online casino want to avoid, Of course, it wants to take care of you as a player, and hence keep you playing.

New casinos want to be the best at everything. If you start a new online casino today, you don’t have much to lose. Competition is considerable and to stand out from the crowd; you have to offer a better product than others. Many new casinos online want to make the casino as enjoyable and beneficial as possible for their want to offer faster withdrawals, bigger bonuses than their competitors. 

How do gambling sites keep their players?

What makes us Canadians players stay at a casino? It is a constant question and casinos use different methods to keep you as a player. In the old days, it was common to earn so-called ”VIP points” when playing slots or other online casino games. Often you could exchange points for cash bonuses or buy clothes or gifts in an online shop. There are still many casinos that use this concept. Another common type of bonus you get as a loyal casino player is advantageous bonuses, usually once or twice per week. These bonuses can consist of match bonuses – Deposit C$100 get an extra C$100. Some casinos also hand out free spins to their depositing players every week.

However, the development is moving forward, and in recent years many new casino concepts have appeared. VIP-programs and loyalty have been brought to an extreme level. Innovative thinking casinos have created elite level systems where you are rewarded by ”leveling up.” Other concepts are based on getting through fantasy worlds and meeting different bosses to win different types of rewards.

The casino Rizk has, among other things, taken loyalty programs to a new level for its ”Wheel of Rizk,” where you can win jackpots, free spins, and other bonuses without wagering requirements, every time you go up a level!

Many new casinos reward those who play a lot, and that is why we rate these programs for each casino. During the year, several new casinos have been launched with loyalty in focus. Genesis Casino and they have a great loyalty program.

Free spins or deposit bonuses

Should you choose free spins or deposit bonus on your first deposit? We at CasinoBullet take our job seriously and have studied the mathematics as well as the value behind all bonuses. We always print out information like wagering requirements and sort out any question marks about all the bonuses on our new online casino offer.

Usually, the best bonuses are those that give you an extra amount of bonus money on your first deposit. Look out for percentage bonuses that give you 100% or more – they usually have the highest value. These bonuses are generally found at top new online casinos.

A large number of free spins can also have tremendous value, as it may end up getting a more significant amount of bonus money after you use your free spins.

No matter what you’re looking for you can find it here at CasinoBullet.. 

Bonuses with low wager requirements

These bonuses are awarded in different variations. Among other things, it is common for casinos to hand bonuses with low wager requirements. PlayOJO is a casino that has no wager requirements at all. So, that’s one you should check out. Another example is that you can get ten free spins a day for 15 days, which then gives 150 free spins. This varies from casino to casino, and you can also get 50 free spins at a time.

New Mobile Casinos

Maybe you’re a mobile casino player? Nowadays, about 70% of all casino players play online from their mobile phone, so we have of course made sure that all our new online casinos that we show in our list work flawlessly in the mobile. Some casinos have taken mobile play one step further and created new, well-developed apps for Android and iOS (iPhone’s operating system) for their casino product. However, as new technology arises, mobile casino apps are going to be a thing of the past.

Is it possible to win a jackpot at a new casino sites?

A classic misconception is that it is not as easy to win jackpots at new casinos online. The jackpot games and all other games come from third party providers and not from the casino itself. This means that it is precisely the same machines you play on but in another casino.

So you have as much chance to win the jackpot in a new online casino, small casino, or in an old classic casino online. As long as the game is available, you have as much chance as anyone to win.

What to look for to find a safe new online casino?

Are you eagerly looking for a new online casino? Of course, there are ”omnivores” in the casino jungle, and we are here to satisfy your hunger. However, how do you know that a new online casino is safe? Some feel they want to wait a while and maybe read some review before testing a new online casino. There are several aspects to check on, and of course, it differs from person to person what you consider safe or not. When looking at the subject of security, we primarily have customer service, payouts and licensing in mind.

For us Canadians, it can be important with customer service that it is available for 24 hours a day. Of course, many prefer that payments be made quickly and easily.

Another thing to check for, when looking for a new online casino is the license. At the bottom of a casino’s websites, you will find information about its license. If the casino has licenses in Malta, Curaçao or at the UK Gambling Commission, you don’t have to worry. These licenses have strict rules that these new online casinos must comply with to obtain and in turn retain a permit.

We at CasinoBullet have taken care of the reconnaissance for you. All our casinos are licensed and have good rumors. If support and pay-out times are essential aspects for you, you can quickly filter out casinos by pay-out time, customer service language and opening hours by reading our reviews.

Casino game manufactures

Everyone cooperates with game manufacturers, for example, popular NetEnt. Game manufacturers have their regulations they must apply too. The money you win, that is, ” return to player” (RTP) is determined in advance in each game that the game manufacturer has created. The highest possible ”return to player” is at 98%. This means that if you bet C$10, you will, in the end, get back 98% of it. 

In addition to the fact that the gaming companies decide ”return to player” (RTP), there is also something called ”RNG” which means ”random number generator,” and it can be easily explained as a guarantee for you as a player. You should always feel confident that the game maker uses chance when the winnings are awarded. This means that you can win several hundred thousand dollars, by depositing as little as C$10. Well, if you are fortunate.

The RNG – also goes hand in hand with a safe casino, not to mention that it is a controlled casino. Independent companies control these, and thus a casino cannot manipulate a result.

Here at CasinoBullet we take it a step further. We want all new online casinos (and old ones) to be earnest. By that, we mean that they should have a license, they have excellent customer support and that you will not be fooled out of your money. Nor should they be blacklisted. The casinos you see on our site are the ones you can win money from.

How can you most easily see when a new casino is launched?

We at CasinoBullet, has an eye on everything that happens in the casino world. We make sure to list all new online casinos, and we recommend that you join us on the journey if you want to keep up with all the day-fresh casino news. We stand for the security and wisdom of casino gambling, and it is from that point of view we review new online casinos.

Add us as a bookmark to your browser to look out for the latest news in the ever-crazy casino world. Here you get the best tips about gambling for real money, bonuses, and everything else that gamblers need to know.

Possible trends in 2024

We list as mentioned not only new online casinos 2024. We often take the temperature of the casino world and compare casinos with each other. We also look out for new ideas and industry-related news. In 2023 we have seen new casinos with fresh new concepts such as Codeta, which placed all the focus on a live casino.

Live casinos are becoming more common today, and that’s basically what it sounds like. You play at your computer or phone, but see a real dealer sitting in front of a camera and handing out the cards or spins the roulette wheel. It certainly gives that particular feeling that you get at a real casino, and the dealer often is very interactive and pleasant.

We have also got a glimpse of Virtual Reality (VR) casinos, and it certainly seems that we have caught up with the future. Standing and celebrating dream profits with their friends in the high-roller room feels unreal, but it may come to be possible soon. In 2023 we got to see new casinos with unique VR-environments, and that is something we are incredibly excited about.

The game’s design and features are also continually evolving. NetEnt has for some years been the worlds most popular game provider, but in recent years we have seen many other come to claim the Gaming Throne. Yggdrasil, Quickspin and Play N’ Go are new game makers who have made a success in recent years. Yggdrasil has stolen the heart of casino players with built-in tournaments and lotteries in their games.


If you are looking to find new a new online casino that fits your needs, we will surely get you what you need. Just look through our big bonus list and find a casino that suits your needs. Don’t rush it, read our reviews and check what wager requirements the new online casino has. Moreover, remember, 2024 is around the corner. So be sure to check back here whenever you feel the thirst for a spin or two. Because we only recommend the best new online casinos in the business. Otherwise we would not to our job, and our job is to guide you to a lot of fun gambling entertainment. 

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